CES Asia

Broadcast quality HD video content from CES Asia 2017 will be made available to download from the show in Shanghai. B-roll content as well as A-roll interview clips with exhibitors can be downloaded and used for TV broadcast and online purposes. Videos will be categorized by topic and will be posted as available.


CES Asia 2017 Sizzle Reel

The doors are open at CES Asia, with more than 450 exhibitors showcasing consumer technology innovations now in Shanghai, China.

A.I. B-roll – CES Asia 2017

Technology capable of simulating human behavior and reactions was displayed throughout the CES Asia 2017 show floor. Products that mimic human voice, visuals and movements are highlighted in this video. 2017年亚洲消费电子展展出了能够模拟人类行为和反应的技术。观看视频,了解可以模仿人类声音、视觉和动作的产品。

Vehicle Tech B-roll – CES Asia 2017

Major auto manufacturers - BMW, Hyundai, NEVS and Mercedes- are among the companies showing off their newest innovations at CES Asia 2017 to increase mobility and make driving safer and smarter. 包括宝马、现代汽车、NEVS和梅赛德斯-奔驰等在内的知名汽车厂商在2017年亚洲消费电子展上展出最新技术创新,

Sports/Fitness/Health/Wearables B-roll – CES Asia 2017

Technology is enhancing how athletes compete and track their fitness. At CES Asia 2017, companies are displaying their latest wearable technologies and innovations in sports and fitness. 技术正在改善运动员比赛中的竞技状态,并跟踪他们的健康状况。在2017年亚洲消费电子展上,参展企业竞相展示其在运动及健身领域的最新可穿戴技术和创新。

Smart Home B-roll – CES Asia 2017

Connecting technology within the home makes life more convenient. In this video, see companies showing off their latest smart home innovations at CES Asia 2017. 互联网技术在家居中的运用使我们的生活变得更加便捷。观看视频,了解参展企业在2017年亚洲消费电子展上展示的最新智能家居创新。

VR AR B-roll – CES Asia 2017

Technology that brings users deeper inside the experience is on full display at CES Asia 2017 with Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. 2017年亚洲消费电子展全面展示了虚拟现实和增强现实技术,为用户提供了更加浸入式的美妙体验。

Drones B-roll – CES Asia 2017

Drone companies are on display at CES Asia 2017. In this video, see some of the newest innovations from the show floor. 2017年亚洲消费电子展汇聚众多无人机企业。观看视频,了解展会现场最新的无人机技术创新。

Robotics B-Roll – CES Asia 2017

See video from some of the more than 50 companies are displaying their technology in Robotics at CES Asia 2017. 观看视频,了解2017年亚洲消费电子展上50多家机器人产品企业的技术创新。

General Show Floor B-roll – CES Asia 2017

See B-roll footage from the nearly 113,000 square foot show floor which includes more than 450 exhibiting companies in 19 key product categories. 观看视频,参观将近113000平方英尺的展厅,了解本届展会19大产品类别中的450多家参展企业。

Startups B-roll – CES Asia 2017

Startup companies are displaying their innovations at CES Asia 2017 hoping to forge relationships and gain global exposure. 初创企业在2017年亚洲消费电子展上展示最新的技术创新,并借此机会建立合作关系和获得全球媒体报道。

Preshow B-roll – CES Asia 2017

CES Asia 2017 is almost here and exhibitors are finishing setting up their booths on the show floor for day one of the show at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC). 2017年亚洲消费电子展即将开幕,参展商正在上海新国际博览中心搭建展台,

Startups A-roll Interviews – CES Asia 2017

Representatives of the next generation of groundbreaking companies discuss their products and innovations. 新世代企业的众代表齐聚2017年亚洲消费电子展,探讨其突破性创新及产品。