Latest Uploads

Broadcast quality HD video content from CES 2017 will be made available to download throughout the annual Las Vegas show, January 4 – 8. B-roll content as well as A-roll interview clips with exhibitors can be downloaded and used for TV broadcast and online purposes. Videos will be categorized by topic and will be posted multiple times per day.

Accessibility B-roll CES 2017

See the latest advances in technology that will help those who have difficulty hearing, seeing and walking. Technology that can significantly improve and impact the lives of the impaired and disabled was on display on the CES 2017 show floor.

Entertainment & Content Interviews CES 201

In this video, see interviews with the leading content companies and personalities in the new C Space area of CES.
Interview 1: Aisha Tyler, CES Ambassador
Interview 2: Molly Swenson, AOL Inc.
Interview 3: Danielle Lee, Spotify

Accessibility Interviews CES 2017

Interview 1: Terry Bradwell, AARP
Interview 2: Matt Ater, VFO
Interview 3: Drew Lakatos, ActiveProtective
Interview 4: Kristina Tsvetanova, BLITAB
Interview 5: Ray Abel, Bansen Labs
Interview 6: Catherine Bentley, KinTrans

Cyber Security Interviews CES 2017

As devices become more connected, users often become susceptible to identity fraud.
Interview 1: Jeffrey Brown, SecuGen
Interview 2: Justin Cleveland, Promise Technology, Inc.
Interview 3: Clay Frost, Wearsafe

Cyber Security B-roll CES 2017

Innovations on display at CES 2017 are fighting against identity fraud and aiming to provide peace-of-mind by protecting users and creating safeguards against cyber attacks.

Enhanced Video & High Res-Audio B-roll CES 2017

See the technology that is revolutionizing how we watch video and listen to music. In this video, get a look at the latest innovations that are enhancing audio and video quality and delivery.

Sports Tech B-roll CES 2017

B-roll of the products and services that are helping athletes perform at their highest levels. See the technology that is impacting sports and sports performance.

Sports Tech Interviews CES 2017

Advancements in technology are changing how athletes prepare and perform.
Interview 1: Roberto Sadowsky, Dainese
Interview 2: Nazim Tchagapsov, Deeper, UAB
Interview 3: Andrew Statham, ATO-Gear
Interview 4: Curtis Smith, Handle Fitness

Enhanced Audio Interviews CES 2017

Ear-catching innovations are bringing music to consumers anywhere they go. A-roll interview clips with companies showcasing the latest in Enhanced Audio at CES 2017 include:

Interview 1: Matthew Baser, LG Electronics
Interview 2: Crystal Griffith, Audio-Technica
Interview 3: John Mikkola, Jam A

Robotics B-roll CES 2017

Intelligent, autonomous machines are changing our lives at work, at school, at the doctor's office and at home. Here are some of the many devices on display in the Robotics Marketplace at CES 2017.

Robotics Interviews CES 2017

Intelligent, autonomous machines are changing our lives.

Interview 1: Qi Tan, Abilix Educational Robot
Interview 2: Jianbo Yang, Beijing Keyi Technology Co. Ltd.
Interview 3: Jacob Christian Eveson, Nidec Corporation
Interview 4: Paul Fish, Ubtech Robotics Corp.

Show Floor B-Roll 2 CES 2017

The doors are open at CES 2017 in Las Vegas with more than 3,800 exhibitors showcasing their latest innovations. In this video, see highlights from the show floor as CES 2017 welcomes what is expected to be 165,000 attendees throughout the four days.