Latest Uploads

Broadcast quality HD video content from CES 2018 will be made available to download throughout the annual Las Vegas show, January 9-12. B-roll content as well as A-roll interview clips with exhibitors can be downloaded and used for TV broadcast and online purposes. Videos will be categorized by topic and will be posted multiple times per day.

Show Floor at CES Asia 2018 B-Roll

CES Asia 2018 is underway. The premier event for the consumer technology industry in the Asian market is a global platform for companies, both large and small, looking to grow brands and forge partnerships in the emerging Asian marketplace. See footage from the show floor on the show's opening day.

Accessibility Interviews – CES 2018

Interviews include:

Brittany Stotler - Local Motors - Chandler, AZ
Rob Howdeshell - Sofihub - Melbourne, Australia
Boaz Zilberman - Project Ray - Hartford, CT
Brenna Folger - VFO - Saint Petersburg, FL
Jean Anne Booth - UnaliWear - Austin, TX
Jeff Yoshioka - Whill, Inc. - San Carlos, CA

Accessibility B-Roll – CES 2018

CES’ Accessibility Technology showcases innovative technologies that are changing the way people work, live and play regardless of age or disability.

Green Tech Broll – CES 2018

Green Technologies at CES are making our everyday lives more sustainable, energy efficient and environmentally conscious.

Robotics B-roll – CES 2018

Robotics at CES are disrupting markets and bringing game-changing innovation to business, health care and education. From reading facial expressions, anticipating needs and providing better security in the home, robots are smarter and more cable than ever.

Robotics Interviews – CES 2018

Interviews with:
Keith Kersten - Omron - Hoffman Estates, IL
Qi Tan - Abilix Educational Robot - Shanghai, China
Shin Sakane - Seven Dreamers Laboratories Inc. - Tokyo, Japan
John Ostrem - Avatarmind - Palo Alto, CA
Heng Lou - Qihan Tech. Co., LTD. - Shenzhen, China

AR-VR B-roll – CES 2018

CES 2018 is the only place to see the latest and greatest virtual and augmented reality. From brand marketers to healthcare professionals, AR/VR are being used to create immersive experiences.

AR/VR Interviews – CES 2018

Jacob Ervin - Occipital, Inc. - Boulder, CO
Patrick Tinney - Sony Electronics Inc. - San Diego, CA
Alexander Greer - Samsung Electronics Inc. - Ridgefield Park, NJ
Andrew Trickett - Merge - San Antonio, TX
Mitch McDermott - Intel Corporation - Santa Clara, CA
Paul Boris - Vuzix Corporation

Vehicle Tech Interviews – CES 2018

Interviews with:

Chris Brewer - Ford Motor Company - Dearborn, MI
Dan Passe - Nissan Motor Co., LTD. - Yokohama, Japan
Dr. Powell Kinney - Toyota - Plano, TX

Vehicle Tech B-roll – CES 2018

CES is at the center of making cars safer and drivers more connected. Experience the latest in concept cars, self-driving tech and connected vehicles.

Digital Health Interviews – CES 2018

Interviews include:

1 - Sam Chen - Diabnext - Cambridge, MA
2 - Greg Houlgate - OSKA Wellness - Carlsbad, CA
3 - Dr. Pulin Wang - Rotex Inc. - Austin, TX
4 - Sasha Tikhomirova - HEALBE Corporation - Redwood City, CA
5 - Amelie Caudron - Nokia Technologies - Issy Les Moulineaux, France

Digital Health B-roll – CES 2018

See the future of healthcare at CES. From remote monitoring products to wearables to diagnostic solutions, the healthcare industry is embracing new tools and technologies to enhance the patient experience.

Connectivity B-roll – CES 2018

5G connectivity will continue to be a catalyst for growth at CES 2018. 5G means greater data through capacity, faster speeds and lower latency.

Connectivity Interviews – CES 2018

5G connectivity will continue to be a catalyst for growth at CES 2018. 5G means greater data through capacity, faster speeds and lower latency.

Drones Broll – CES 2018

Drones are making life easier and safer. From the delivery of supplies, medicines, better crop production and efficiency, and safer infrastructure inspections/maintenances, drones are taking us to new heights.

Drones Interviews – CES 2018

Jin Li - Tianjin Deepfar Ocean Tech. Co., LTD. - Tianjin, China
Xiaoping Cai - SwellPro Tech, Co., LTD. - Shenzhen, China
Sotiris Tsouris - XDynamics - Irvine, CA
Yinian Mao - Shenzhen HighGreat Innovation Tech. Dev. Co. - Shenzhen, China
Andrew Meyer - UVify Inc. - San Francisco, CA

AI Interviews – CES 2018

Interviews with:

Bob Starr - Yamaha Motor Co. LTD. - Iwata, Japan
Heng-Chung Chang - Industrial Tech. Research Institute - Chutung, Taiwan
Danny Shapiro & Tim Wong - NVIDIA - Santa Clara, CA
Yi Rao - Rokid - San Carlos, CA
Yi Lin - iFLYTEK Co. LTD. - Hefel, China

AI Broll – CES 2018

CES is the place to learn about the latest developments in Artificial Intelligence. From big data analytics to speech recognition to predictive technology, AI is changing how we do business.

C-Space Storyteller B-roll – CES 2018

C Space at CES shows how technology is influencing advertising and entertainment at the world's largest gathering of technology, brands and media.

C Space Interviews – CES 2018

Interviews with:

Charles Mellilo - Neulion - Plainview, NY
Ashwin Navin & Cody Willard & Terrell Owens - Samba TV - San Francisco, CA
Andy Stanley & Megan Bergsman - Phone2Action - Arlington, VA
Brendon Grunewald - Moovly Media Inc. - Vancouver, BC

Opening Speeches – CES 2018

Consumer Technology Association President and CEO Gary Shapiro and Senior Vice President Karen Chupka opened CES 2018 with a preview of the year to come in tech.

Show Floor – CES 2018

The doors are open at CES 2018 in Las Vegas with more than 3,900 exhibitors showcasing their latest innovations. See highlights from the show floor as CES 2018 welcomes an expected 170,000 attendees throughout four show days.

Design and Source Interviews – CES 2018

Cormac Oconaire - Design Partners - Bray, Ireland
Joshua Xiang - Suning Appliance Group - Jiangsu, China
Stuart Constantine - CORE77, INC. - New York, NY
Wai Hang Chan - Touchbeauty Beauty & Health - Shenzen, China
Soon Bok Lee - RF CO., LTD. - Daegu, South Korea
Wei-Ya Kao - AOET CO., LTD.- Taichu

Startups B-roll – CES 2018

CES is the global stage for startups where new ideas are funded, new partnerships are formed and new acquisitions happen. Found on the show floor at Eureka Park.

Startups Interviews – CES 2018

CES is the global stage for startups where new ideas are funded, new partnerships are formed and new acquisitions happen. Found on the show floor at Eureka Park.

Interviews available with:

Reuben Wilcock - Futureworlds
La French Tech
Roman Belkin - Cardiomo Care
John Billings - Acellus

Sports Tech B-roll – CES 2018

CES the global arena for sports technology innovation showcasing products and technology that enhance athletic performance, smart arenas, eSports and next gen sponsorships.

Smart Cities B-Roll – CES 2018

CES Smart Cities allows attendees to experience the entire connected ecosystem that brings together the technologies, solutions, players and audiences in the smart city sector.

Smart Cities Interviews – CES 2018

Interviews include:

Charre Delphine - Electric Loading - Moissy-Cramayel, France
James Motley - IOTAS, Inc. - Portalnd, OR
Hugues Despres - UJET - Leudelange, Luxembourg
Rana Sen - Deloitte - McLean, VA
Tim Wolf - Itron - Liberty Lake, WA