Ready-to-Use Packages

Pre-produced video packages ready for you to use – no editing required. Add your own branding on our white-labeled version or use a CES branded version.

CES in :60

CES 2020 is the global stage for innovation. Global companies, startups, and even non-traditional tech companies shared the stage to give the world a look at the products and services that are transforming how we live. Supplement your coverage of CES 2020 with the "CES in :60" Ready-To-Use video.

CES 2020: “What’s Hot” Ready-to-Use Media Package

Make your coverage of CES 2020 more dynamic with a new ready-to-use video package that showcases the eye-popping innovations that are stirring up excitement on the show floor and beyond. The latest video package is a white labeled version so media outlets can put their branding on the footage.

CES 2020: A Look Ahead at What’s Trending

CES 2020 attendees will experience the next generation of innovation. Major and emerging industries will be represented as CES 2020 will showcase tech improving our lives and transforming industries. The white labeled version is available so your can put your outlet's branding and logo on the video.

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